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For many years, we lived with the dream to live in Spain one day. Company, home and family in Germany, all in a rut.  Turn your back on your cold motherland? A sweet life under the sun, on the beach? No, it was never our thing. Beach hustle and bustle, party magic is the last thing we need to feel good.

Working as a real estate agent in Germany has already enabled us to make our first contacts in Spain. In 2009 we bought a property ourselves. A plot of land in a small village in the Inland of Alicante, on which we wanted to build the house of our dreams. Originally planned as a retirement home when the stress of working life has finally ended. Quietly situated and far away from all tourism, as we always imagined.

The purchase demanded a lot of us, because nothing was as expected. Europe seems to end at the border with Spain. What is normal in Germany is far from being introduced in Spain, or traditionally different… Of course, we could only speak Spanish to a very limited extent, which made the whole thing even more adventurous.

As it always is in life, everything comes differently than you think. We no longer wanted to wait for retirement age. So we packed your suitcase and off to a new start! The company ED Immobilien (our company in Germany) was transformed into Casabien, finally being there and showing prospective buyers ourselves what makes life here so beautiful.

In summary: We have experienced wonderful and truly terrible things. But, as they say, you learn from mistakes!

Exactly all these experiences, which we have collected over the time, enable us today to protect our customers from many things. Clear obstacles out of the way and simply stand by your side until you arrive at home.

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