Tibi is a small, quiet village of white houses nestled between the Maigmó, “the balcony of Alicante”, and the Peña Roja. Its geographical location makes it very interesting for mountain tourism, which seeks the path and tranquility. The village deserves a walk through its quiet streets and its peaceful atmosphere. Going up to the Plaza de España we can check the quality of the water in its fountain. At the end of El Carreret Street we will have a beautiful panoramic view of the Castle. In the upper part of the town are the parks and gardens such as the Alameda, the Era del Teular, the Glorieta and the Paseo de la Santa María Magdalena, at the end of which is the chapel dedicated to her. Although it is worth a visit at any time of year, the highlight is the celebration of the Fiestas Mayores in honour of the patron saint, La Magdalena, with heifers and processions, which take place at the end of the month of June.


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