Pinoso is a prosperous town dedicated mainly to the monoculture of the vine, and to the extractions of salt and marble. The landscape of Pinoso is composed by white limestone lands full of vineyards, of the Monastrell variety, that produce mainly red wines with high alcohol content, and dessert wines called Fondillón. It is the wine region of Denomination of Origin of the wine of Alicante, represented mainly by BOCOPA. Pinoso has a very important brine deposit located in Cabezo de la Sal, channeled through a salt pipe to the lagoon in Torrevieja, in the coast of Alicante, to reinforce the quality and graduation of this exploitation. They also have marble quarries, which in the ivory variety are the most important, elaborated and commercialized mainly in Novelda. We can highlight the contrasts between the white sand of the vineyards and the green pine forest of Sierra del Reclot.

Pinoso has a population of around 7,500 and was previously focussed on agricultural with a thriving footwear industry, it is now attracting the attention of foreign buyers as an ideal location for a holiday home away from the hustle and bustle of the busy coastline resorts but with the convenience of access to Alicante and Murcia Airports. There are 45mins and 1hours drive away respectively, with routes to all the major European airports serviced by most of the popular airlines.

The origins of Pinoso are a mix of various cultures, including the Iberians, Romans (who probably began the vineyards) and Moors. After the re-conquest Pinoso came under control of the Kingdom of Aragon and at this time was just a small group of hamlets, it gained it’s independence from Monovar in 1826. The parish church was built in 1743 in honour of Saint Peter the Apostle.


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