Muro de Alcoy

Muro de Alcoy is a municipality with three districts, “Turballos” “Setla de Nunyes” and “Benamer”, located in the north of the Province, between the Serpis and Agres rivers on the southern slopes of the Sierra Mariola. The flat area of the municipality popularly known as “Plana de Muro” is typically residential. The historical center has a Moorish origin. It is very interesting for its rich production of oils and for its popular cuisine: good offer of restaurants. It has some marked trails and hiking centers. They also celebrate popular festivals throughout the year.


Villa in Caudete

  • 159.995€/€

Villa in Castalla

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Villa in Castalla

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Village house in Raspay

  • 129.950€/€

Villa in Yecla

  • 354.900€/€

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