Between the province of Alicante and Valencia, is located this important and industrial city with more than 10,000 inhabitants, and an extensive mountainous municipality.

It presents a transitional climate (between the continental and the mediterranean), with heavy rainfall in autumn and spring. Through this town flows the Serpis River before entering the valley that will lead it to the sea. This municipality has a long and noble history that has been leaving its footprint in the city through several interesting monumental buildings, among which stands out its Palace.

Around the Palace you can start a city tour looking at the pious ceramics that adorn some facade of the Calle Mayor, “els taulellets”, or the churches of El Salvador or Santa María de la Asunción, located in the tortuous area that constitutes the old Arab quarter of el Raval.

Cocentaina preserves the best and most respected medieval area of the whole mountain of Alicante. It has a considerable number of hotels and restaurants where you can taste traditional dishes.


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