It is one of the most important cities in the province, characterized by its great industrial boom, especially the one of the textile sector. The bridges and its industrial pioneering role in the Valencian Community define it.

Alcoy is the capital of the district and presents a rich commercial activity. Thanks to the industry, the medieval center was expanded, and several bridges were built in order to cross the waters.

María Cristina is the oldest bridge in Alcoy and the first one we found when we arrive to the city if we come from Alicante, as well as the Viaducto de Canalejas of the Molinar River, whose metallic structure was an innovation at the time (1907).

The last bridge was inaugurated in 1987 to unfold the traffic of N-340 that crosses the modern zone of Alcoy.

The historic center is formed by Plaza de España where the City Hall, the Iglesia Parroquial de Santa María and a multipurpose room designed by the prestigious architect Santiago Calatrava, are located. From this point you can start different urban routes.

One of them takes us to the Medieval Quarter where you can go to see the Old Town Hall-that today is the Museo Arqueológico Municipal-and the nearby Museo de la Fiesta. You can see the first widening up the San Nicolás Street where you can stop to contemplate some different modernist buildings, such as the Círculo Industrial or La Casa del Pavo.

The distances to towns in the province of Alicante are:

Alicante: 64km.
Elche: 74km.
Benidorm: 92km.
Torrevieja: 117km.

Citizen’s Advice Buro

Oficina Prop en Pl Espanya, 1
Registre i Serveis Tributaris en C/ Sant Llorenç, 2
Oficina de padró, en C/ Sant LLorenç, 6

Telefone: 96 553 71 00 – ext. 2103

Monday to Friday 9 – 14 hrs

Link to make an appointment: 

Policía local: 96 553 71 45

Protección civil : 96 553 71 14

Crime Victims Support Office: 96 554 90 52

Firebrigade: 96 559 24 51

Hospital “Verge dels Lliris”:  96 553 74 00

Medical centre “La Fàbrica”: 96 593 77 50

Medical centre “La Bassa”: 96 652 87 50

Medical centre “Plaça de Dins”: 96 652 77 50

Medical centre “Zona Alta”: 96 652 78 00

Medical centre “Batoi” :96 652 81 77

A list of useful telefone numbers of schools, theatres, social services and many more, can be found by following this link 


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