Frequently asked questions when buying in Spain

What are ALL the costs? The most important thing to know is that in Alicante province buying tax is 10% and in Murcia province it is 8% of the purchase price. (2020) There is also Notary fees of between 850 - 1,000, this figure depends on which Notary office you choose, it is the buyers choice because the buyer pays. Also, there are Land Registry fees which can be 650 - 1000, again depending on which...

Applying for a Número de Identidad Extranjero (NIE)

How do I get a NIE?   Citizens of EU/EEA member countries (and Switzerland) can apply for a Número de Identidad Extranjero (NIE) using the EX-15 form. How to apply First, make an appointment. To do this: Click here Select Cita Previa Extranjeria and click Acceder al Procedimiento at the bottom In the Provincias Disponibles drop down box, select the appropriate Spanish region...

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